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Checklist to buy health insurance plans in India  

 There is a wide range of health insurers and policies available in the market and sometimes it becomes very much confusing for people to purchase the right plan. So, at the time of purchasing the health insurance plans in India people need to have proper access to a comprehensive checklist that will allow them to analyse the right coverage which will provide them with the maximum benefits in the long run. As a first time buyer of medical insurance people need to have a complete idea about different kinds of aspects of the whole process so that they end up making the perfect decisions which will be very much beneficial for them.


 The whole health insurance industry has significantly transformed in the past few years and with digitalisation, the entire process has been significantly simplified. Following is the comprehensive checklist which the people need to pay attention to so that they end up purchasing the perfect health insurance policies:


  1. Being clear about the individual and family floater policies: Understanding the requirements is the best possible way of finding the right kind of insurance plan and one of the primary requirements of this particular scheme is the awareness about individual and family floater policies. Under the individual plan, one has to purchase a separate policy for every family member and all the other hand in the cases of family floater all the members can be included in a single plan. The individual policy is a good option during all situations and it is quite expensive in comparison to the family floater policy. On the other hand, the family floater policy is a very good option because it will come with the flexibility of utilising the entire coverage among the family members as a group. Additionally, the sum insured will be higher in the cases of family floater in the weather to the individual policies.
  2. Being aware of the coverage amount: The amount which the individuals will be liable to claim against the policy is a very important factor to determine a suitable health insurance plan. The insurer will only pay up to the sum of the policy which has been insured and it is very much important for the people to choose the ample coverage amount so that they feel no issue at the later stages. With the help of high coverage amount, there will be proper comfort of adequate coverage that will attract the premium. Hence, it is very much important for people to strike the right balance between the amount of coverage and premium and one must never go beyond their financial strength. Tentatively the sum insured should be 10 times the income if the individuals are planning to purchase the family floater insurance and in the cases of individual insurance the sum insured should be near about five or six times the income.
  3. Considering the extent of coverage: At the time of purchasing the health insurance policy, the lower premium should not be the only priority rather one should focus on getting comprehensive coverage. It is very much important for people to analyse the policies based upon different kinds of benefits depending upon the premium which they will pay. Further, it is very much important for the people to consider a policy that will provide coverage beyond the regular hospitalisation so that people can achieve their overall goals very easily.
  4. It is important to look for cashless health cover: The cashless medical cover will also offer a good cushion during the unplanned hospitalisation which might require urgent funds. Hospitalisation whether planned or unplanned will be very much beneficial if it is based upon cashless systems and will help in providing the people with a hassle-free and paperless experience. Further, the right kind of digital insurance company that is offering online systems will also be a hassle-free experience. So, it is very much important for the people to look onto all these kinds of things at the time of purchasing the insurance policies and one most prefer that company which comes with reimbursement claim through online systems so that there is no need of indulging in any kind of paperwork in the whole process.
  5. Checking out the exclusions: All types of insurance policies come with different kind of exclusions and one must be aware of that particular list before choosing the plan. This will help in avoiding the unforeseen medical expenses for a service that has already been covered or after the treatment which they realise that policy does not cover the treatment of a specific illness. So, it is very much important for people to prioritise their needs and then select the plan that will not exclude the benefits that people need the most.

 Apart from all the above-mentioned points it is very much important for the people to check out the reputation of the company in the industry which is the main reason that depending upon professionals like Care health insurance is highly advisable because this company is very much reputed in the industry when comes with top-notch quality insurance plans for all the individuals from all the age groups.

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