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4 Things You Need to Know When Choosing Your Solar Panel Batteries

About 7 in 10 solar panel shoppers consider adding a solar battery to their solar systems. If you happen to be in this category, there are several factors you must know about solar panel batteries. When choosing a battery, you need to understand technical specifications as much as proper characteristics.

For starters, your energy storage must meet certain safety and reliability standards. However, given that the use of solar panel batteries is relatively new, most people have no idea what to consider. There are barely any reviews online to go through or anyone to ask for recommendations for all the batteries available in the market.

For this reason, we bring you a short post that will guide you through the most important things to look at. Read on to find out the three things you need to know when choosing solar panel batteries.

1. Check the Power Rating

The power rating of your solar panel batteries is one of the most important features. It refers to the kilowatts of power your battery can provide at any given time. In other words, it will tell you how many appliances your battery can power at a go.

Now solar panel batteries have two different power ratings.

The first is the continuous power rating, and the second is the 5-minute or instantaneous power rating. The latter can provide you with more power in short bursts. This is only important for people who have large appliances like sump pumps that require large amounts of power to turn on but can run at a slower pace after that.

2. Check the Usable Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the battery entails the amount of electricity it’s able to store and supply to a home. While you check the battery power in kilowatts, you should check the battery size in kilowatts per hour. The usable storage capacity matters because it’s the amount of time the battery is able to power your home or part of it.

It’s crucial for you to look for a solar panel battery with usable capacity. The number on the solar panel batteries essentially represents the amount of electricity you can access for use. Given that electricity usage is measured by power multiplied by time, the more power you use, the faster the stored electricity will run out.

Before you choose the type of solar panel batteries you should buy, you need to make a few considerations. First, consider what you’ll be using your stored energy for, then consider the characteristics of your household appliances. Consider what appliances you must keep on and how long you need to have them powered.

3. Roundtrip Efficiency

The roundtrip efficiency is one of the most essential system-level metrics you have to look at. Essentially, it measures how well your energy storage system converts and stores electricity. When it comes to solar batteries, the roundtrip efficiencies simply tell you how many units of electricity you can expect to get from the battery for every unit you put into it.

4. The Battery Lifetime

The battery life encompasses the throughput and cycles of the solar panel batteries. It’s measured using different metrics like the expected cycles, expected throughput, and expected years of operation.

The throughput cycle tells you how much electricity you can move through the battery during its lifetime. On the other hand, the cycles measure how many times you can charge and discharge your solar panel battery. For longevity, check the information provided by the manufacturer.

Comparing Solar Panel Batteries: How to Choose the Right One

If you’re looking to compare solar panel batteries, go through this post, as it will help you choose the right one. There’s a wide array of batteries out there and so much information that it can be confusing.

However, these are the basics that you have to understand. For more informative posts, please head to our blog section today!

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