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Things to avoid while studying Physics

Physics is a branch of science that studies the dynamics of nature and how it reacts to outside factors like temperature, pressure, chemical reactions, etc. 

All the fundamental principles are explained in detail with an objective perspective that enables students to have a better understanding. This is why people all over the world go for Physics as their first choice for higher education. Class 11 chemistry also have similar strategies

1. Trying to understand the concept of concepts:

.  If you try to understand the concept of rotation, you will have to explain all the details of rotation along with its stages, which is usually very difficult for a beginner. This can be avoided by understanding its essence i.e. rotating an object on an axis completes one revolution when 360 degrees are covered by it and that too at a single point in time! This way you will find it easy and interesting to study Physics.

2. Too much focus on definitions:

You should know that, while learning Physics or any other branch of science, you will have to learn all the terms and their meanings. But you should also note that too much definition appreciation will not help you in your studies and will make the learning process harder. You can keep a check on definitions and remember them primarily with all the term-defining verses, which will be more useful for your study.

3. Taking the pace too slowly:

When you start your Physics study, make sure that you read at a good pace and try to understand the concept in sequence. This will help you to remember things easily.

4. Not paying attention to important points:

Do you know what else can make studying hard? Absence of concentration and doing it half-heartedly. So this should not be done either. Try to concentrate on every topic taking care of important points as well. If you are not careful, then your concentration may reduce and so will the memorization power of your brain!

5. Only going through important points:

A lot of people make the mistake of going through only those topics which they think will be tested in your Physics examination. They fail to understand that, to make a perfect concept out of the whole study, you have to read all topics. Otherwise, you might have a good knowledge about one or two particular sections but not have any idea about other sections and their concepts as well. Thus it is suggested that you must first read about every topic and then proceed with memorization.

6. Failure of concentration:

It is also recommended that you concentrate on topics that you wish to study constantly as it will help you to remember them better. Thus if you do not know how to concentrate on a particular topic start by reading it several times and then move ahead. 

7. Lack of interest in-class teaching:

Most teachers miss out on some important points from their classes which can be easily missed by a learner who is not interested in the subject most of the time. To avoid this, make sure that you read about every topic under study, which includes class practicals, vocabulary, and examples, etc. InfinityLearn will provide interesting study materials.

8. Not concentrating on operational aspects:

The operational aspect of Physics is just as important as the theoretical one and you have to pay equal attention to both. This will help you to understand better, remember more, and give you a better result.

9. Memorizing without understanding:

If you want to score good marks in your examination, then do not memorize things without understanding them well because it is a waste of time; a time that can be used in reading other topics and making notes on them. It is advisable that you read each topic well and understand its details properly before proceeding with memorization.

10. Too much practice:

While preparing for your exam, you might find yourself involved not only in reading but also in solving various questions and practice papers. But remember that doing too much of it is not good for your health and that too can hurt your grades. Focus on a study first and then proceed towards practice only after gaining knowledge about a topic.

11. Confusing topics:

Many times while studying Physics, you may feel confused between various sections and topics which are less related to each other. This can be easily reduced by making notes on all topics including definitions, examples, and problem sets, etc. so that you do not get confused later while studying further under a single topic or heading.

12. Too much concentration on the exam:

If you are very much concerned about your examination in the month of March, it is highly recommended that you do not study beyond a level and also try to avoid any other activities which might trigger anxiety and stress.

13. Too many different reference sources:

Sometimes, people use too many resources for their studies which can confuse them even more. So instead of that, it is strongly suggested that you have only one or two good reference sources for your studies, which you can use at a time to increase your chances of success.


If your mind is exhausted after a hard day at school or in the office, then it is time for you to relax and catch up on some sleep so that next time you can give these last-minute preparations with more concentration and commitment. Class11 chemistry ncert book preparation will also have similar strategy.

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