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How to Write a Letter for Business or Personal Situations



You don’t have to wing it when you write a letter. Our society has set formulas for both informal, and formal letters.

If you’re working on a business letter, there are certain rules you can follow. The same goes for sending a personal letter. You’ll impress your recipient when you stick to these formatting suggestions.

Save yourself time and energy by following the set of structures next time you send a letter. Read on for everything you need to know about letter formatting. 

Write an Informal Letter

An informal, or personal letter, is one that you send to people you know. Personal letters don’t have as many formatting rules.

You should include the date in the left corner. Introduce your reason for writing. Write as much as you like.

You may want to summarize your informal letter at the end. Sign off with a casual greeting, like “Thank you,” or “Love,”. Personal letters can be to loved ones, coworkers, friends, or family. 

Write a Formal Letter

A formal letter, or business letter, is a professional letter. Because these letters are for professional purposes, there is more letter formatting.

You may need to send a formal letter for: 

  • A job application
  • Filing a complaint 
  • Arguing your point
  • Leaving or joining an organization 
  • Communicating with your clients or employer
  • Sending a certified letter 
  • Asking for a promotion

Sometimes you’ll need to send a certified formal letter. This may be part of your legal case, or for your work.

Luckily, you can send certified letter online. This gives you the option to track and make sure your formal letter has arrived. 

Use a size 10 or 12 font, and go for a professional, readable typeface. A business letter must include your name and contact information. Put this at the top – the side you choose is optional.

Your text should be left-aligned. Before you start the letter, write the date on the left-hand side. Under the date, list the title, name, and address of the person to whom you are writing.

Address the recipient with “Dear” and their name, or “To whom it may concern” if you don’t know the recipient. Briefly introduce the reason you are writing.

In two to three paragraphs explain, make the point, or ask the questions you’ve set out to write. End your letter with a short summary of what you’ve discussed. End with a call to action if you’re asking for something, like a promotion.

Type out your greeting, such as “Sincerely, Your Name”. Leave a little space, and sign your full name below. 

Write a Letter Without the Hassle

Next time you need to send a letter, you won’t hesitate. Write a letter without any worries you’re doing it wrong.

Use informal letters to catch up with friends or share some good news with loved ones. Write a formal letter when you need to advance your professional goals. By following the proper letter formatting, you’ll get your point across. 

Was this guide helpful to you? Feel free to browse the rest of our articles for more tips and advice. 

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