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Maltese Dog Breeds And The Benefits Of CBD Oil In Their Diet

We are all unique in our own way and the same goes for the animal kingdom, each species and specific animal or insect has a personalized imprint and character traits and this is what makes them so great.

If you have a pet at home or have had one in your life then you will understand how wonderful it is that they are their own ‘person,’ that they want and love in different ways and we try our best to give them the life they need to be the best version of themselves. Life is good.

What can you do?

The fact that you are already taking action and responsibility for an animal is noble in itself, and even more so by wanting to ensure that their nutritional and dietary requirements are met. Too often we assume that dogs need basic food and water, the occasional run in the park and they’re happy, but there is more to it than that. 

You want to give them food and meals that are ideally all-natural and organic and filled with wholesome ingredients, none of these chemically enriched food bags you see sitting on the supermarket shelves for months on end and no sign of expiring. It is scary to think what is in them to let them last that long, am I right? 

Start researching and doing your homework on products that are harvested and produced with ethically manufacturing procedures and who want the best for your pet. 

If you have a specific type of dog that needs additional attention then an organic food plan is the best way forward. For example, the Maltese dog – popular around the world- has a tailored palate and one that requires love and care but also quality food produce. 

To see some of the top-tier dog supplements and products on the market to date check out this handy guide for all you need to know about your Maltese dog and their food menu preferences. You want to give them what they like to eat, but adding in the advantages of CBD infused oils and products so they benefit from the long list of health positives. Win-win.

There is something suited for all types and particulars and with the versatility of CBD and its many forms, it is easy to add it into the diet in different ways all the while unbeknown to them. You may have the secret touch and your Maltese allows you to open their mouth and put in a few drops of CBD oil without a fuss, if not, let’s take a look at other clever ways Cannabidiol can be implemented.

Cannabidiol health benefits for dogs.

The dog sector and in terms of healthier food supplements has significantly grown over the last decade, with pets wanting more for their pets, and raving about the results. 

CBD oil soaked in doggy biscuits (a flop-proof recipe here ) has taken the world by storm with pet owners around the globe posting on their social media accounts of new recipes, shapes, and sizes they created for their pups. The innovative juices are flowing and it doesn’t look like it is stopping anytime soon. 

The Cannabidiol plant components work within the pups’ neuro system and thus regulates the internal functions. They have fuller, thicker-looking fur, energy endurance they didn’t have before in such abundance, and those puppy eyes that communicated they weren’t feeling well or were in pain of some sort are less frequent if any at all. 

After a few weeks of a diet comprised of CBD doses and your dog will feel like a young pup again. The build-up around the joints and muscles becomes less and is, in most cases, eliminated and in turn, the pain felt with that inflammation is broken down and treated. 

Your canine friend can now enjoy his golden years with relaxed walks, pain, and stress-free, and continue to reap the advantages this versatile and health-positive flower has to give.

How to administer CBD to your Maltese.

There are a few basic ways to get the CBD oil into your dog, a few popular, tried-and-tested methods are down below. Maltese have a strong sense of personality with likes and dislikes so some trial and error may be needed on your part.


  • Direct. It does what it says on the tin, you will need to carefully put the dosage into their mouth without them gagging and ensure they swallow it all. Some pets are easier than others and it depends on how comfortable they are with having a dropper syringe in their mouths. A treat afterward always helps, it rewards them for being cooperative and the last bit will get swallowed for ‘just in case.’
  • Stirred in. Once the meal is ready add a few drops of the oil, stir in and they will be none the wiser but reap the rewards (and there are plenty, click here to see) as they clear their bowl, and that is a guarantee, am I right?
  • Treat. The easiest method by far, a Cannabidiol-soaked, doggy-shaped biscuit and Bobs your uncle. You offer health positives they see it as getting a treat, win-win.


This naturally grown plant has been around for centuries treating humans and animals alike and while its awareness is still on the rise the success stories speak for themselves. We all have one life to live, and if CBD is in the picture all the better.

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