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Everything you need to know about lockets

A locket is an utterly personal and treasured jewelry. Apart from being a real charm, locket jewelry holds meaning to the wearer and gives a true definition to an otherwise simple chain. From vintage jewelry to modern-day styles – locket jewelry has been around for centuries and doesn’t fall behind in embracing one’s attention and love, especially when it is gifted by someone special.

Locket jewelry essentially chains with pendants that open in some way. Sometimes they have space to place miniature pictures of loved ones inside them, other times you can trace quotes, dates, or even a treasury design to behold the locket. But what is it about locket that continues to charm even today?

Here is everything you need to know about lockets.

The history of lockets

If traces of Greek and Roman history are to be believed, lockets emerged from amulets (ornaments symbolized for protection from disease, danger, and evil). By the 1400s, lockets were worn by people in the form of necklaces, brooches, and rings. These lockets contained portraits of loved ones inside and sometimes portraits of the king and queen showing loyalty to the crown. Perfumed lockets were also around which contained a small perfumed square in them. By the 1600s, the lockets became a style of mourning jewelry where people stored miniature portraits of people they loved (mostly dead) in their lockets to keep them close. Others wore lockets of their lost partners or family members as a sign of treasure. Ever since people have given new meaning to locket jewelry – some behold it as a treasure, others keep their lovers’ pictures inside them.

Purpose of locket jewelry

Locket jewelry on its own has a very intrinsic appeal with its shape, art, and style. Moreover, unlike other studded jewelry or gemstones, the locket jewelry has a sense of mysticism to it where one can keep their secrets with them. Locket jewelry was essentially designed to include jewelry as a style that could also hold:

  • Portrait
  • Medicine
  • Herbs
  • Small love letter
  • Goodluck charm
  • Wish or prayer
  • Music box
  • Perfume

The idea of being able to silently store something in your jewelry appealed to people at large. And locket jewelry became a part of the fashion trend that ruled almost the entire world.

Meaning of a locket

The meaning of the locket changes as per the occasion, type and the significance the locket has for the wearer. People personalized lockets with heartfelt meanings as they used to carry their wishes, scents, secrets, loyalty, love, and even little treasures in them. Gold lockets with letters happened to be the most popular. People would write their feelings on small pieces of paper and keep them in their lockets as a yearning to express their love. Sometimes the lockets were exchanged with partners to express love.

Are locket jewelry trending?

Indeed, with changing fashion the old-world charm is returning with elan. And locket jewelry has found its place in the modern trending world. Heart-shaped lockets are the most celebrated versions as they come with their tale-tell. Heart-shaped locket jewelry in gold, silver, and rose-gold is the most popular especially when they have space to attach pictures of loved ones in them. Unlike the vintage lockets, the modern ones have a touch of new-world designs, paired with fusion gemstones, and also hold better carving for attaching portraits inside.

Fancy locket jewelry? Unfold the beauty of history and its essence as you behold a piece of gold locket pendants and celebrate the mysticism the jewelry brings with it. Because sometimes, a little secret makes the jewelry more appealing.

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