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What to Check Before You Hire an Architect

Before you build a new house, do a conversion, or make major changes to the structure, you will need an architect to help you design, plan, and prepare drawings, apply for permissions, and even supervise the project. 

Once you find a reliable and experienced architect, your project will run smoothly from the beginning to the end. That said, let’s discuss important considerations to make when you want to hire an architect.

Hire an Architect with the Right Expertise and Experience

Architectural firms that have been in operation for many years and have built a reputation for employing professional architects and interns with the right expertise. This build improves the expertise level and reputation of the company. 

So, if you need to hire an architect for your construction project, you should get your architect from such a firm. When you engage the company, they will assign you the right architect to work with you. With this, your project will be successful.

Hire an Architect Who is Qualified

Apart from expertise and experience, you should hire an architect who is qualified. This means one who has attended a good to school, graduated with an architectural degree, and acquired the required practicing license. 

As a client, you have a right to ask to confirm these documents. If they are not willing to produce these, then you have a red flag to worry about. Qualifications, particularly operation licenses, increase assurance of high-quality work.

Check the Services They Offer

Apart from planning and drawing plans, architects have many other roles in a construction project. If the firm has a website, check the services they offer to find the expected package to enjoy before you hire an architect from them.

Architectural companies such as Humphreysandsons offer a package with numerous services such as planning and drawing plans, applying for permission, party wall surveying, and a lot more. It is more convenient and affordable to get all of these services from one qualified architect. 

Check Their Cost

Before you hire an architect, check their charges so that you are sure you can afford their services. The good thing is that they are open on their website, especially if the charges are displayed as a percentage of the total cost. 

It is also easy to get a quote from the architect you intend to hire to find the cost. To reduce the cost, you may reduce the scope of work. 

Do You Need One Architect or a Team?

Some projects are big and they need a team of architects to work on them, while others need only one expert. The architectural firm will assign the right workforce for your project and there is no need to worry about that. Even the architect who works alone still gets support from the team to ensure that your projects go well.


When you hire an architect after making the above considerations, you will have an easy time with your project. Ultimately, the project deserves the best input from these professionals, so take these considerations seriously.


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