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5 Best Employee Onboarding Tools in 2022

Employee onboarding is the first step in nurturing high-performing individuals for any organization. It involves a series of end goals. These include:

  • Welcoming a new employee to the organization.
  • Training the newbie for their job role.
  • Inculcating company values and ethics.
  • Introducing them to the work environment and culture in the organization. 

The successful completion of the onboarding process is a prerequisite to expect optimum efficiency and effectiveness of a particular job role. Today, onboarding cannot be complete without the help of some powerful employee onboarding tools. The aftermath of the global pandemic has necessitated virtual onboarding going forward, even when we return to normal work settings in the future. 

Employee onboarding tools offer many benefits, including monetary savings in the training setup. They make the whole process flexible. These tools have received positive feedback from all stakeholders to cement their position as mainstays in organizations. If your organization needs an employee onboarding tool, here is a list of top five to choose from:

  1. Docebo

Docebo presents an organization with multiple onboarding packages they can choose from according to their specific needs. 

It believes in making learning a continuous process and introduces it in an employee’s daily life less as work and more as a continuous learning experience. 

It helps reduce turnover and saves additional costs by retaining top talent. It aids an organization in showcasing its focus on an employee’s professional and personal development through its features like hyper-personalized learning. 

It helps in rapid growth and quick scalability. It automates repetitive manual tasks and centralizes all learning activities in one place. 

  1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is an indispensable onboarding tool irrespective of the nature of the onboarding process: virtual or in-person. It offers a seamless onboarding experience and makes the new employees feel welcome to the organization. 

It’s an excellent tool for automating the training process and other time-consuming tasks. It allows creating tailor-made training programs for different teams and departments. 

It has the feature to create personalized training and onboarding courses from scratch. You can also easily include pre-existing training material. It helps lower training costs and saves crucial time. 

  1. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is an industry favorite in terms of its easy-to-use interface and interactive onboarding experience. It includes video-based content to engage new learners more. 

It stands out as a training platform(SAP Litmos Training) because of its interactive learning environment and robust online course library. It hooks the new employees to their work and onboarding training from the very beginning because of its engaging nature. 

It is also simple to set up and use for the admins. Thus, it makes the feedback and monitoring process easy. 

  1. 360Learning 

360 learning speeds up the onboarding process with its ability to create and share courses in a short time. It enables experts in your business to prepare training modules for new employees at lightning speed. Expert knowledge sharing from day one plays a big role in making the new hires feel comfortable. 

It helps an organization scale the onboarding process by equipping HRs with necessary insights, features, and automation tools. 360Learning requires no technical skills to master, which makes it even more enticing.

  1. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS excels in offering a learning experience that goes well with the flow of work. It enables organizations to fasten their onboarding process and bring new employees up to speed in record time. 

Its Absorb Engage feature makes training interactive with gamification, billboards, and more. It enhances the work experience of new employees by giving them easy access to resources. It focuses on employee collaboration and improves peer-to-peer connections. 

It is equipped with AI-powered search to help beginners find learning content and relevant recommendations with much ease. 


Investing in an employee onboarding tool is the need of the hour. You cannot afford to miss out on including one in your organization because it has tremendous potential. You can choose from the top five mentioned in this list based on your organization’s requirements. 

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