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4 Video Editing Tips for Better Social Media Content

Do you know an optimised video can attract more traffic, engagement, and better investment returns for your social media campaign/s?

A professionally made video for social media is vital because of unprecedented competition among brands over various social media platforms. You need to stand different and better from others to get the attention of netizens.

Social media videos are vital because your audience is there. More than half of the world’s population uses social media channels. Facebook and Instagram have over a billion users. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have their audience. If you are into any business and want to grow, you simply cannot avoid social media.

Let us get down to our topic about ways to edit videos for a better impact on social channels.

How to edit and optimise videos for social media?

Well, we will explain four ways to do that. These tips will help to enhance the look and appeal of videos. All you need is a good video recorder and basic editing skills. You can also browse video editing tools to do it yourself or hire a professional for your business.

Four Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content

Square Oriented Videos

People consume videos on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other digital devices. Your videos should be optimised for a clear view of all of them. Keep your videos square to make them mobile friendly and have maximum reach.

People watch and engage with square videos on all platforms. To shoot videos, you can use the native square camera feature of the phone. In addition, there is no need to crop these videos, and you can use them instantly to upload on your desired social media channel. If you want to resize for a perfect square, try free resizing tools available on the web.

Visual Appeal Matters

Focus on the visual appeal of the video. Though voiceovers and audio matters, the study says, people consume videos mainly on the go, and visual appeal will hook them to your video better.

Mobile phones have advanced so that you can easily shoot an entire short film right from your phone. Students make project short films, professionals make documentaries, and so on, all from their phones only.

With such advanced features, explore options and make videos visually as appealing as these can be.

You can browse leading video editing tools. Apply filters, adjust tone, brightness, theme, etc., for a better experience for social media visitors. Before posting, watch your video on mute to see how it will be watched by your target viewers and edit if required.

Visually appealing videos with eye-catching frames and content get your videos more likes, shares, comments, and publicity.

Make your next video viral with attractive and relevant content and frames.

Optimise for Length

Optimising video requires good content, appealing presentation, and length consideration. Netizens decide to watch or leave your video/s in seconds. So, it is vital to consider how long your video should be for better social media reach.

We did extensive research from authority websites and got some suggestions for your consideration. Let us explain the length requirements on major social media platforms:


Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app and has three different categories where you can upload videos. Adam Mosseri of Instagram said, “We are no longer only a photo-sharing app” (June 2021).

Instagram Video: Keep your videos up to 1 minute for videos. It is a combination of IGTV and videos on the main feed. Videos should be short, punchy, and relevant. Try to connect with the target audience and build a story.

Instagram Stories: According to the Digital 2022 report of HootSuite, Instagram Stories provide more than 72.6 per cent of audience reach. Keep your stories up to 15 seconds per slide with engaging and value-based content.

Instagram Reels: Instagram launched Reels as an alternative to the Tik Tok app. Video/s length should be between 15 to 60 seconds. It is the perfect platform to show your creativity, viral moments, and videos with unique content.


People spend most of their social media time on Facebook. They want interesting, engaging videos with information that helps them specifically. Videos should be value-driven and infotainment based, do not make them monotonous and lecture videos.

Recommended Video Lengths for different categories of videos on the Facebook platform:

  • Facebook Videos- Up to 1 minute
  • Facebook Stories- Up to 20 seconds
  • Facebook Short and Reel Videos: 15 to 60 Seconds


Twitter likes to keep it short and to the point. Earlier it was 140 characters for texts and increased to 280 characters in 2017. The platform allows video lengths up to 140 minutes which is 2 minutes 20 seconds.

For better impact, edit your videos and keep them around 45 seconds. Videos should be engaging, eye-catching, and informative.


The second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube is your perfect go-to platform for maximum views, comments, community building, subscribing, and sharing. Video length here depends upon the specific subject, product and service. People browse YouTube for information, so they are most likely to watch even longer videos.

So, you can post a Vlog or documentary of up to 30 minutes or 2-minute videos as long as the videos are relevant, informative, and engaging.

YouTube Shorts is another way to post your videos on the YouTube platform. Recommended video length is 60 seconds for one video or a combination of multiple videos.

Other major social media platforms are LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. 

Special Effects and Get Creative

People like videos with hints of personal touch, creativity, and special effects. Use editing tools with your creativity and serve videos that evoke interest among scrollers on social media platforms.

If people can connect with your creation, they will like and share your videos. Viewers will wait for your videos and happily follow & subscribe. It also gives uniqueness that drives maximum traffic and helps you stand ahead of the competition.

These are some crucial tips for editing and enhancing videos for social channels. Use and accomplish your digital marketing goals with videos now. 

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