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GogoPDF: The Ideal Tool to Add Watermarks to PDF

Nowadays, people can easily plagiarize and steal everything that they post online, even the information contained in PDF files. They have a hobby of copying and pasting its content on their reports, claiming it as their own. To prevent this from happening to you, you must add a watermark on your documents which can be in the form of texts or images.

The process of adding a watermark to your PDF files is extremely easy if you are using the right tools such as GogoPDF. It is a website that offers a seamless way of manipulating digital files, which is a must-have during remote working and online learning setups. It can make a great difference in your life, so don’t hesitate to access it.   

Features of GogoPDF making it an ideal tool to have

GogoPDF is one of the most recommended websites to add watermark to PDF due to various reasons. The majority of students and adults rely on it to make their digital documents look the way they want. Even if you are a new user, you can easily find the tool and perform the process due to its user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can read the step-by-step process located just below the toolbox. There is no hidden fee when you use any of its services. However, you can upgrade your free account into premium if you want to experience adding watermarks without any limitations and restrictions. Below are the features of GogoPDF that make it an ideal tool to have today.


  • Wide customization options


The website will let you decide what watermark you will use. You can also use the color, size, and style of your choice to ensure that the watermark you envisioned will become a reality. If you use an image, you must upload it to the toolbox. Despite giving you a wide range of customization options, the updated PDF document will still have the same quality as the original. Additionally, it will not affect the positioning of graphs and texts as well as their readability. 


  • No required third-party application


The website does not require any third-party application because it operates through a cloud system. The prerequisites to use its add watermark tool are a device such as a smartphone, laptop, or desktop. This feature will allow you to do the task anytime and anywhere you are as long as you have a stable internet connection. It will not consume any storage space, which is an ideal tool for those who have a full memory device. 


  • Safeguard your documents 


When using the website, you will not encounter any security issues because it has a security system in place. Hackers can’t get into its server and steal all the uploaded and updated documents. In addition to this, the whole process is free from malware and viruses, which reduces the risk of having a corrupted or damaged file. Aside from using strong encryption technology, it also implements a 60-minute rule stating that the server will permanently make the files inaccessible after 60 minutes. 

How to add watermarks through the use of GogoPDF?

The add watermark tool of GogoPDF is one of the fastest and most efficient tools available on the web today. It will consume a few minutes of your time only while providing an updated file with the highest quality. Take a look at the steps below so you can have an idea of how the tool works. 

Step 1

Upload the document you wish to add a watermark to by clicking the select a file button located at the center of the screen or by dragging and dropping the document on the toolbox. If you have a strong internet connection, you can upload the file in less than a minute. You can get it from your local storage and cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Step 2

Allocate a few minutes of your time to decide on what text, sentence, or photo you want to use as a watermark. When deciding, you have to make sure that it represents who you are. The most commonly used watermark by students and researchers are the initials of their first name and last name. If you want to use a photo, just upload it on the server. Lastly, select where you would want the watermark to place, but the most ideal is to put it at the center of the page.

Step 3

The tool will start attaching your chosen watermark on the PDF pages. Save it on your device or local storage so that you can easily access it even without the internet. You can copy the generated link and share it on all your social media accounts.


GogoPDF provides an easy and convenient way of adding a watermark so it can surely fit in your hectic schedule. Try the inexpensive subscription plan now to experience all that it can offer without restrictions and limitations. 

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