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5 Document Editing Tools Every Online User Should Use


Certain tools have proven pivotal in building collaborations and editing online. These tools are perfect as team-building resources for individuals, teams, and organizations. This is especially the case for persons who are into online business or otherwise need these tools as they are useful for team-building, easier access to diverse human resources and talents, and efficient workflow. 


There are many tools we can find today, but below are the best tools that every online user should use to make editing easy.


  • PDFBear 

Every good and efficient editing can be done with PDFBear. Want easy and seamless editing? Go for this tool. After you have uploaded your PDF document, this online tool will allow you to turn single or all the pages into any format of your choice. You might need to rotate PDF online while working on a document online, PDF lets you rotate your PDF to any angle of your choice. To use PDFBear, you don’t need to spend time and space downloading new software, as you can use PDFBear directly from the site. PDFBear is compatible with major operating systems, you can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 


It also doesn’t suck up your data while compressing files. You have enough time to download your file and delete it. But in any case, PDFBear deletes your files permanently from their server after download. You also get to resize your data, free of cost. To merge PDF files into one, PDFBear is the quickest and most convenient tool to use. It is one of the best file editing options, particularly because it makes merging files a smooth and hassle-free experience. It is cost-effective and doesn’t you too much of your data. 


  • SodaPDF

SodaPDF has proven over time that it is a tool that can do many things online. It can merge multiple PDFs into one file. Text and images can be edited. Documents one creates can also be shared with others. There is also security and signature of PDF files.

There is also the option of annotating PDF files while collaborating and giving everyone a chance to edit. So, you can rest assured it is specifically designed to collaborate with your team. 


SodaPDF, like most PDF converters, is easy to use. It is secure, and your files are protected. In addition, you don’t need extra knowledge to be able to use this tool as the interface is simple to understand, and the features can be navigated easily. With SodaPDF, you can sign signatures online and send documents through email. You also have the option of downloading your edited document directly to your PC. 


Edit the content of your documents, annotate your files, create custom forms, as well as send and track contracts for electronic signature. With SodaPDF you can convert PDF to different file types, including PPT, Excel, HTML, and a variety of others. Apart from conversion, you can perform other functions such as splitting and merging PDF. With SodaPDF, you can access your features on any device with a web browser. The structure of your documents can be customized to better suit your needs. Anyone in possession of your files can also freely modify their content.


  • GogoPDF

This online tool has made a name for itself in the online editing business. With its collaboration-enabled features, file sharing gets more accessible and helps put out valuable work online. It has several tools that allow online users to convert, merge, compress, rotate, and most importantly edit files. The delete feature of GogoPDF is useful for deleting some unwanted pages. If you ever need a multifunctional PDF tool, GogoPDF should be on the top of your options. This tool makes it easier for you to compress, merge and even convert files into a format. You can even repair a formatted file, as well as the file that is corrupted and unable to open. 


If you want to compress your PDF into smaller sizes, you can get this done in two minutes. If you also want to convert files, this is fast and easy to do with GogoPDF. In addition, you can save and combine your Pdf files in a single document by using its merge feature. Again, with the split feature, you can extract pages of an existing and keep some copies of them. If you don’t have a pdf installed on your phone, you can still view your PDF online. You can also make your PDF files to be presentable at all times, using the rotate feature to make your pages align in any case where they’re wrongly positioned. 


  • DropBox Business

DropBox Business’ one specific feature is that it allows you to manage your work, secure your data and follow up on whatsoever your team is doing if you are working with others. If you are working with a team, then you will need a reliable software to collaborate with, like DropBox. In this case, here you need to micromanage a teammate, this tool is your best option. The software is intuitive and easier to use.


  • Trello

This software is an online visual collaboration tool that helps you organize and manage projects in a fun and flexible way. There is a feature that allows you to drag and drop files. With Trello, each team member can see the tasks they are assigned through the cards. When you create a Trello board, you can give your team current information, news, and updates related to the business and industry. Trello is easy to use, all you have to do is add members to each card. You can also drag and drop each card in different sections. In other words, it helps to save time and offers you a good return via quality output. 


In Conclusion

Editing tools can help to build collaboration in teams. File sharing options are readily available for teams. As much as they have been helping organizations, they can also help individuals. We can do better work with functional tools readily available for use online. When a job is well done, everyone’s happy. Always use tools that will improve your productivity and make you efficient.

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