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Cash Advance On Your Inheritance: Is it a good idea?

Losing a loved one is hard, but at some point, life has to go on. You have to pick up where you left off before the member of your family passed away because your family needs you at your best. But what if you lack the financial stability that would enable you to be at your best? You could surely use the inheritance money to cover the expensive college tuition fees for your daughter, right? Or funeral Fees or other necessary expenses like repair of an inherited home so you can sell it faster.

The court proceedings are taking too long, and you need the money soon. School certainly isn’t going to pay itself, and you are counting on the inheritance money that is rightfully yours to pay for your daughter’s education. Probate cases usually take nine months to a year to settle. Depending on the estate, they can drag on for years! You can hardly afford to wait so long to inherit what your loved one left you.

Cash in on your inheritance in advance

If your probate court case is taking a long time and you need the money quickly, there are options for you. According to @inheritanceadvanced, Probate cases usually take nine months to a year and can often go on for years! Many people cannot afford to wait that long and there is nothing wrong with that. That’s the reason why inheritance funding companies exist.

You can get hold of up to 30% of your inheritance, but you need to go through a simple three-step process first:

  1. Consultation. You will have a free consultation with one of our funding executives, who will talk you through the process and help you decide whether taking an advance is the right choice for you.
  2. Review. We will assess the probated estate to verify that you are an eligible candidate for an advance.
  3. Confirmation. We will agree on the pricing and the terms of the granted inheritance advance and sign a contract. You will then receive a wire transfer in as many as three days after you applied for the funding.

The best part is that you won’t have to worry about paying us back. We will wait out the probate, and after it’s settled, we will be paid from your part of the inheritance. All that remains goes directly to you.

Why you should get an inheritance advance and not a bank loan

Getting an advance on your inheritance to pay the college tuition fees beats taking our a bank loan on several fronts:

  • You won’t have to pay any interest or any additional fees
  • There are no monthly payments or due dates to worry about
  • You won’t have to provide a reason for requesting the funding to get one
  • We don’t assess your eligibility based on credit scores
  • You will wait next to no time for approval

An inheritance advance is, therefore, diametrically different from a bank loan. In truth, it is rather similar to a sale — you will sell a portion of the inheritance to us before you even get one. We will pay you for it, but we will patiently wait for what we bought from you until it is probated.

Think About an Inheritance Advance if this rings true for you

Contact a funding company and they will talk to you for free. They won’t ask you anything about your inheritance. If they see you are eligible, they will explain the process and pricing system. You can ask questions at the start.

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