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Enhance Vocab: How to remember the meaning of tough words

The objective of reading is to understand comprehension, which can only be achieved by the proper development of vocabulary. A strong vocabulary tends to be beneficial in all areas of communication, be it listening, writing, speaking or reading. 

What makes vocabulary actually important?

Vocabulary is actually the foundation of a language because it forms the basis of all. It can be considered as raw building blocks that we can use in order to express our thoughts and ideas, deliver information, and do other activities. 

Thus, vocabulary is the ultimate expression and it is necessary to develop an extensive vocabulary that is found to be helpful while communicating with others or expressing oneself to others with clarity in delivery. A linguistic vocabulary is identical to thinking vocabulary, as it helps to think concisely with precision. Most of the vocabulary of a person is built during his childhood, because of which proper education is necessary.  Thus, it is necessary that a child is encouraged enough to read, play word games or even set goals to learn new words each day.

So, the benefits of building up a better vocabulary are important because of the following reasons:

  1.  Helps in improving reading comprehension: 

According to research, it has been found that a kid must understand about 98% of the words they read in order to understand what they are actually reading. Hence, it is necessary to improve their vocabulary to be capable enough of what they are reading when they read any books or novels.

  1.  Important for the development of language:. 

Children with developed vocabulary tend to become better thinkers, and better in expressing themselves as they often read more. If the skills of literacy and language are improved from the beginning, then it is often found that they become academically and communicatively more prosperous.  

  1. Better ideas:

Successful communication is based upon the establishment of a good vocabulary base. Thus, using the correct words while communicating tends to make a person more effective in communications. 

  1. Better presentation writing:

A good vocabulary is helpful in writing more effectively. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that students use a formal tone while framing their answers, and in order to do that they must have a stronger vocabulary. 

  1. Occupational Success. 

Also, vocabulary tends to play important role in one’s success in his/her professional life. As being said, ‘good communication skills often lead to success in business” 

Hence, a better vocabulary is critical for the success of a child, due to the fact that;

  1. Vocabulary growth and achievements in school go hand in hand. 
  2. The understanding and development of a child’s vocabulary determine his/her ability to read and write
  3. Vocabulary enhances the capability to read and write properly
  4. Expanding the knowledge of words in a child proves to be beneficial while getting access to new information. 

Hence, it is imperative and essential to have a strong foundation of vocabulary, in order to deliver a strong and persuasive speech. One of the great advantages of having a stronger vocabulary is that the students can come up with words that will enhance verbal communication, and also while writing. 

It is advised to gather information on the basic English skills and thus become proficient in the language, with the ability to speak the language fluently and also become proficient in writing. English 9th Class Beehive NCERT Book tends to be helpful to the students to increase their vocabulary, as this book is developed and produced by NCERT or the National Council of Research, Education and Training. 

Keeping in mind the importance of developing a strong vocabulary, there are some strategies that can be followed by the students in order to have a strong foundation of vocabulary. Improvement in one’s vocabulary is necessary because it helps the student to make a distinction amongst the words used in speech and writing. Thus, one must follow the mentioned tips to achieve the desired results.

  1. Inculcate the habit of reading:

Often the habit of reading books is found to be of immense help while developing a student’s vocabulary knowledge. This is where; English 9th Class Beehive NCERT Book comes to the rescue. Also, there are textbooks assigned for school curriculum, novels, storybooks and many others which are considered to be the best way to develop a useful and strong vocabulary. Moreover, a student must also build up a habit of reading the newspapers as this would help him/her to build up a vocabulary as well as have an awareness of the events going on around them. 

  1. Refer to a dictionary always:

A dictionary is considered to be the toolkit in one’s garage for building up a strong vocabulary. The dictionary is essential as it provides all relevant information about a particular word. Also, while going through any texts if a student tends to get stuck, then he/she can take the help of a dictionary to know the meaning of that particular word. Also, the dictionary provides them with the antonyms, synonyms and root words; which are important in their own application. 

  1. Write down the words:

When a student tries to learn new words, it is necessary to note down the words and find out their respective meaning. This is a habit of noting them down will help them to remember the words easily and for a long time.

Also, this would help them to understand the application of that particular word while framing sentences. Moreover, writing the word down will help in building a list of words that they are actually learning. So, while writing they can refer to the list for easy remembering of the words. 

  1. Explore for words:

Exploring words is really a helpful method to expand the vocabulary of the person. Also, one can check online for words and find out the meaning and their pronunciation. Thus, it is a step forward to learning and sharpening vocabulary. 

Thus, while building up a better vocabulary and memorizing the tough words it is necessary to ensure patients with the learning process. In conclusion, it is necessary to ensure that the small steps would lead to great success. Thus, these small steps will help to build a robust vocabulary over time.

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