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GogoPDF’s Tools That Will Greatly Help You`

1qEven though PDFs are widely used in today’s world, numerous people still do not apprehend how to fully utilize these formats. Some, on the other hand, find it difficult to work with because they cannot considerably alter its structure. PDFs are less customizable than other file formats like MS Word and Excel, but they are certainly the most user-friendly.

Aside from being easier to print and share, PDFs are also lower in size. As a result, more disk space is conserved, and webmail services will have no trouble sending them to other individuals. This article is written specifically for PDF beginners who are experiencing difficulty making minor or basic changes to their PDFs.

Add Watermark to PDF

One upload of something exceptional and outrageous on the internet, whether it’s a video, photo, or e-book, may turn you into some viral overnight. If something is so engaging and outstanding, other people may want to use and profit from it. Plagiarism and the copying of content and ideas are all too widespread on the internet these days. Before you post something online, remember to include a watermark since it will be difficult to remove if it is claimed by another person. This procedure is required since the watermark will be your brand, which no one can strip away.

If you want to add watermark to pdf online, utilize GogoPDF’s watermarking tool. Users can use this tool to add text or images to their files as a watermark. Begin using this GogoPDF service right away before it becomes too late. The following are the simple procedures for applying watermarks to your documents using this program.

First, choose and upload the PDFs you want to modify from your mobile device or laptop. When the server recognizes your file, you may add your watermark and pick where you want it to appear. If the process isn’t finished yet, please wait a little longer. After that, users can save the file to their desktop or Google Drive.

PDF Merge

The PDF file merger is among the most used and popular GogoPDF online utilities. You can use this program to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF document. If you have a task, such as submitting all of your students’ works to higher-ups for accreditation, merging it all into one file is essential, and so this tool is useful. Consequently, you can categorize your files and organize them together as per a specific category. You can, for instance, integrate numerous PDFs with the same production date or topics.

You can also combine multiple files that provide the same function and perform the same chores. You can choose a personal method of file arrangement that you believe will be efficient, such as the alphabetical order of your students. Don’t forget to give the merged files a new title so you can readily recall which PDFs you’ve integrated. The goal of employing the PDF file merger is to locate and identify a specific file as rapidly as feasible.

PDF Protect

PDF Protect is another useful GogoPDF online service for ensuring file security. It is a program that may be used to safeguard your PDF files from anyone who wants to view and utilize the data contained without your authorization. Thus, to prevent unwanted access, you must enable a strong password for your PDF files that only trusted colleagues can obtain.

Simply go to the GogoPDF website and upload the PDF files you wish to protect with a password. Following that, you may now give a unique password consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other characters. The password you submitted will thereafter be saved by the system. After a few moments, the newly encrypted PDFs will be ready for download into your file storage and save into your Google Drive. The encryption procedure is straightforward, and your PDF files are now secured.

PDF Conversion

You’re more likely to cram if you need to submit your essay in Word format but you only have a PDF copy. It is made even more stressful and challenging if you do not know how to convert one. With GogoPDF, you don’t have to be anxious since it includes a PDF file converting tool that will help you with your concern. You can use the tool to transform existing files to different file formats you prefer and need.

As previously said, simply upload the PDF files from your device to GogoPDF’s official website’s online file converter. The program will then begin the conversion of the file you’ve chosen. Simply wait a few minutes. However, the period may vary depending on how many PDF files you are editing. You can download and save the new digital forms to your desktop computer or smartphone after successful conversion which is indeed stress-free.

In A Nutshell

It’s a privilege to be able to use an internet tool freely to its full capacity. GogoPDF is one of those online programs that you will become glued to adopting one after the other. If you are granted the opportunity to experience their services, you will discover yourself returning each time you’re dealing with PDFs.

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