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Home Must-Haves: Fill That Empty House Corner With a Daybed

Ever had a scenario when you had already planned and fixed your belongings in the space then for some reason there will be this space that you cannot seem to decide what to put. You had pinpointed everything to where all your furniture would be placed then there was this huge empty corner. Thinking that it would be a waste not to use it, you may have decided to put a shelf, then will it look cluttered and too busy? Worry not, considering daybeds may save you from your dilemma. 

You may have seen these in a furniture shop but thought of them as a sofa. Yes, it can function as a sofa you can sit and read in it since it has an armrest and a stylish back, same with a couch but it is also big enough to function as a bed. It is a perfect place to lounge in on a lazy day or maybe snuggle in it on a rainy day. Still cannot decide if you want a daybed in your space? Here are the pros on why you should consider this option and get yourself a daybed. If you have already made your choice, I have laid out things to consider when you want to buy one.


Due to the limited spaces, the majority would opt to use every nook in our house for storage. Luckily for you, some models have drawers underneath that also function as a support for the mattress. You can use this to store your blankets for your daybeds or maybe other stuff you have. These can also serve as an extra bed for your guest.


True to their nature, daybeds have a durable construction. Frames are often made from metal or wood that is durable. It may have crossed your mind that it would make it so uncomfortable. Well, if you look for ones in perfect condition this would not matter. You would rather pay for the extra bucks for a daybed that will last longer than a cheap one which will not. Not only will it be durable, but it will also be an efficient choice and definitely will be more comfortable.

Variety and Aesthetic

There are tons of options on styles and sizes to choose from, depending on the interior and available space you have. Wherever you put it, daybeds are always pleasing to the eyes. Either it becomes a centerpiece or pleasant furniture support on the design. There are also daybeds specifically for outdoor spaces. It can be a lounging area near the swimming pool or the outdoors that is convenient for you. But if you cannot find a specific design you want, fear not daybeds are easy to customize. Buy a minimalist one and customize it depending on your preference you will both have a unique and fantastic interior.

Things to consider when buying a daybed


Before going to a shop, you should be able to determine how big you want to get. Even if you have the best quality daybed, if it will not fit your space then it’s useless. So before heading out to your furniture shop, be sure to know the dimension of your area. Just getting the width and length will suffice.


Having a specific style or design already in mind will greatly help you to look for your daybed. You wouldn’t want to look for all the furniture shops. With the ongoing virus, staying in shops for too long is not advisable. Then again, what is the internet for then? Now, it is easier to browse for furniture, you just have to make sure to not take too long on browsing. You might never finish buying a daybed. But if you can never decide because you cannot find “the one” then go for customization. Which will be so easy with daybeds.


When I say quality, it is the frames or how it was made. Every standard has a price point. But do not go for the daybeds that are not comfortable and not durable just because it is cheap. It is not worth it. Look for quality that will last longer even though it is a little bit pricey yet you will be using it longer.


These should be mostly considered. This has a substantial effect on your comfortability. Do not only look at the aesthetic but also if you are going to be comfortable on the mattress. Thankfully you can customize the daybed. In some situations, the frame of the daybeds is exceptional and durable but the mattress does not match it. With this, it is just simple to replace it with a much better mattress.


Considering that most of today works from home, a daybed will surely be the best for you. Plenty of space to sit and work from your laptop or maybe stretch your legs. With the correct daybed for you, not only will it fill up that empty corner, but it will also be a great buy and serve its purpose.

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