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The More the Merrier: Creative Ideas for a Shared Kids’ Room

Kids have exact ideas about decorating their rooms, and these ideas are frequently influenced by majestic movie sets and enchanted fairy tale settings. If they win the minor league lotto, their bedroom will look like the interior of the Millennium Falcon. However, not all fantastic ideas for children’s rooms are out of the question. It’s all about striking a balance between a child’s wonder and an adult’s sense of style and reality.

Planning your kids’ room is a fun and simple way to create a fun space for your family. While it can be easy to get caught up in the details, it’s important not to get overwhelmed with the details. In this post, I’ll share some tips and tricks that you can use to make your room look great.

Throw away the trash

The most obvious initial step is also the easiest. Before you can begin organizing, you must remove all the clutter.

Get rid of broken items, worn-out clothing, and papers they don’t want.

Remove the trash, and you’ll be able to see how much clutter you have to deal with.

Sort their clothes

Sort through their clothing after the trash has been removed. Children’s bedrooms are plagued by clothing clutter. It’s so easy for people to amass more clothing than they need.

Alternatively, you can work in chunks, going through the drawers and closets one at a time. Spread it out over a while, or do it all at once. 

Donate out-of-season clothing that won’t fit your children in the future. Clothes your kids don’t want to wear, or dislike can also fall into this category. 

Put away or store clothing you intend to pass on to a future generation or have sentimental importance.

When it comes to keeping children’s clothing, fabric storage bags and totes with handles are ideal. You can easily keep track of the sizes you place in each bag by using storage bags with a handy label pocket on the front. The packs can be folded up and stored to save on storage space when not in use.

Throw away any clothes that are too worn or stained to wear. Don’t give away something if you can’t wear it yourself.

Sort the toys

Sorting through your children’s room’s toys will be the next significant undertaking.

To teach your child(ren) how to clean their room independently, you should help them organize their toys. To assist children in understanding how to let go of things that no longer interest them, use this as a teaching opportunity.

Only maintain toys that have a solid emotional connection (like their beloved teddy bear) or that they currently enjoy using.

Organize the Books

After you’ve decided on which toys to keep, focus on your children’s books.

Make a note of how much space you have leftover for future books if you have room for all of their current books. To avoid running out of shelf space, only bring in new books after you’ve given away some of the old ones.

Protect their most prized books by storing them in secure containers. You’d like to keep the book safe from pests and hazards.

Pillage The Papers

Once you’ve gathered up all the loose papers in the room, decide what, if any, you’ll save.

When papers pile up, it’s as if they’re living entities themselves. Most of the time, you’ll discard the majority of them.

Clean Out From Under The Bed

When was the last time you went beneath the bed and emptied the drawers and closets? That’s the next stage in organizing your children’s bedroom.

Move the bed around as necessary so that you can get to the items that fall underneath it. Take everything out and store it properly or dispose of it. The next stage is to do a thorough cleaning of the entire house.

Clear the Space

Wipe off and disinfect all surfaces before putting anything away to avoid contaminating anything else. Under the bed, use a vacuum or mop to get rid of any dirt. Make sure the drawers are dusted from top to bottom.

Everything looks better and smells better in a pristine environment, so it’s a win-win situation.

Create New Storage Solutions

As a result of having gone over each item, you should have a solid sense of what you need to save. Organize your child’s room by making a list of all the things that need to be stored there. Do you require more space for your books? You can plan a new home remodel to provide more space for your kids. 


Shared space for kids is a MUST for every child-care facility. But it’s important to know what you can do to prepare your space so that you don’t have to worry about how your little ones are spending time while they are there. Here are some tips on considering when building a shared space: Choose a bright and colorful theme. Decorating with bright colors will make the space more appealing to your kids and keep their eyes sharp in the school run or playground. Try to incorporate natural items in the space, such as plants or colorful wooden toys. Create a sense of privacy by designing spaces that do not have windows or doors, which can be hard to close and open in case of emergency.

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