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Commercial vs. Industrial Painting: What’s the Big Difference?



Commercial vs. Industrial Painting: What’s the Big Difference? 

The global painting industry is valued at nearly 158 billion dollars. There’s an increased demand which has driven the market growth over the years. The painting services are gaining momentum and you should know what services to choose. 

On one hand, you have commercial painting and on the other hand, you have industrial painting, how do you know which service is best for you? 

When approaching a painting project it’s important to consider the differences between commercial and industrial painting. 

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting typically covers paint jobs that are done at a big scale. For example; restaurants, stores, and large businesses typically use commercial painting. Commercial painting may be compared to a residential painting; however, it’s slightly different.

Even though commercial painting is typically done on a big scale it can be used on a smaller scale. If a project focuses on the overall look of the outcome people are more likely to choose commercial painting. 

Businesses tend to lean more towards commercial painting when it comes to interior decorating because it looks appealing and dries a lot quicker than any other kind of painting service.

Industrial Painting

Industrial painting typically covers paint jobs that are done on machinery or outdoor structures. This kind of painting is all about durability and maintaining its original form. It is able to endure the environment under rough conditions. 

Industrial painting specialists are confident that their painting services will last a very long time regardless of the rough conditions it faces. Outside structures use industrial paint because of its durability and the paint that is used requires light and oxygen to dry. 

Industrial painting services require a great amount of skill and knowledge as well as special equipment. Due to this, there are a few things to consider when choosing an industrial painting service. It’s important to consider experience, insurance, licenses, cost, and different recommendations. 

What’s The Big Difference?

With a commercial painting project, latex paint is typically used. Latex paint is not as durable as oil-based paint that is used for industrial painting. Latex paint dries quicker than oil-based paint; however, oil paint lasts longer than latex paint. 

Not everybody understands the difference between the two painting services, it can be quite significant. On one hand, commercial painting may look better and be appealing to the eye; however, industrial painting won’t look bad but it’ll last you significantly longer. 

Some people consider commercial painting to be an easier project than industrial painting due to the amount of experience and equipment industrial painting requires. 

Many people don’t realize the significant difference between commercial and industrial painting. After having all the information make sure to choose the right paint services for you. 

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