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Guide To Resolve Your WOW Internet Outage Problem

The internet is seeping into our lives and providing us more facilitation, convenience, information, and access than ever before. As our lives are majorly dependent on the internet connection, losing it can be more than just a scary feeling.

Even if you are carefree because of the most reliable internet service provider such as WOW!, remember that bad things can hit you out of nowhere and you have to be prepared for every situation.

Most importantly in the current times, COVID-19 has put an extra burden on everything. The use of the internet is raging and many people including kids and adults are using more internet. People are using the internet for homeschooling, work from home, and much more.

This can also be the reason that internet outages are now becoming more common than ever.

Why is WOW! Internet Connection Facing an Outage?

WOW! is one of the most reliable and trustworthy internet connections that customers are always satisfied to have. When it comes to an outage problem WOW!has always proved itself to be a stable and well-connected entity.

·        Outage Problems From ISP

If you have the WOW! cable network you know that it always outperforms and proves itself to be the most efficient connection. The only thing that might concern a few people is that its cable broadband connection the households have to share the bandwidth and this can create a disruption or an outage in the peak hours.

Whether the lag is there or not, people still consider it as one of the most affordable and low-cost connections but it surely comes with its downsides. From home phone to internet and cable TV everything is now available from a single platform.

On one hand, it is the biggest facility one can get as there is no hassle of payment and extra expenses. On the other hand, it can become a huge problem when an outage occurs and the source is the ISP itself.

But there are many other reasons for an outage that you must know before coming to any conclusion.

·        Outage Problems From Other Places

If you are facing an internet outage the first thing you should do is to check it from your end. There is a possibility that either your system needs an upgrade or there are some wires that are not correctly attached and are not working properly.

Moreover, there is a chance that there is a power outage in your area that is causing your WOW! internet connection outage. These elements are separate from your network and the ISP has nothing to do with it. So before taking any action you must make sure that you know the right reason behind the outage problem.

How to Deal With WOW! Internet Outage

WOW! internet has the capabilities to cater to their customers with everything they require and facilitate them with the optimum services and resources. Whenever an outage occurs the first thought that comes to mind is the inability to work, connect or enjoy because WOW! can be a comprehensive solution to every need of the user.

But they also have efficient methods to deal with the situation like an outage problem. If you face this issue and are sure that it is not coming from your side then call the WOW customer service at any time at 1-855-349-9313. They are available at your service and will guide you throughout the situation.

Once you connect with them and discuss the level of disruption you are facing, they will figure out all the possible ways they can assist you in solving it. If they recognize that the outage is occurring from their side then they will mobilize the tech team that will reach you in the earliest hour.

More Ways to Resolve WOW! Internet Outage

In rare cases, if there is an actual outage issue and you try to call the tech support, there is a chance that connecting with them will take time. As other customers will also be trying to reach the customer service, you might find a busy line for a while.

The best way to deal with this situation is to switch to a better substitute. Plus if you want a better customer service experience then you should try doing the following things.

  • You can send an email to the WOW! customer service because this will increase your chances of getting the issue resolved plus you will get everything on record.
  • If you do call the customer service make sure to note down everything that they are telling you. Moreover, note the name of the representative for the sake of record-keeping.

These practices will help you out in resolving the issue more effectively and rapidly.


WOW! internet connection not just provides you with high-speed internet and optimum quality of cable TV and landline services, they also have a great team of representatives and technicians who are readily available to help you when you are in need.

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