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How to practise maths for night owls

Not every student follows the same schedule for their studies. Each one of them has their own strategies for completing their studies so that they can achieve their desired results in the examinations. 

There are some who can study effectively and efficiently in the early morning, whereas some others can stay late-night and still manage to focus on their planned study. The latter is often termed as night owls.

These students, who tend to study late at night, are the ones who face difficulties waking up in the early morning and thus manage to get their studies done during the late-night hours. Also, the surroundings in which these categories of people study are also different, as often in late nights there is a chance of deflecting focus. And because of this, these students require special studying techniques different from those of the early risers. 

Also, mathematics is one of such subjects which require extreme focus and concentration so as to grasp the concept and a fresh mind. Thus, it is often quite difficult for the night owls to grasp the concepts of maths while studying it late at night. Hence, they require special techniques.

Also, the smartest decision one can make is to refer to NCERT textbooks and others such as DK Goel Solutions Class 11 Chapter 6, which also promises to provide chapter-wise explanations of the concepts in a detailed manner. Thus, it is necessary to refer to proper textbooks as the ones mentioned, so that a student can easily grasp the concepts.

It is also necessary to ensure that the night owls prepare an effective timetable for their studying, and are determined enough to achieve the goals that have been set by them. There are some strategies that they can follow in order to make their late-night study effective and worth the effort. 

These are: 

  1. Make a to-do list:

It is necessary to maintain a to-do list with all the chores to be done in a day must be noted down. The best schedule for night owls is to get along with their study from the after with their full focus, as it will help them to study late night. 

  1. Self-study is the key:

As most of the night owls face troubles waking up early and also have a low level of concentration at that time, thus it is necessary that they are efficient enough to study properly by themselves.  Many of them would face trouble understanding a particular concept during school hours, but they must make sure that they go through that particular topic again when they reach home and sit down for their study. 

  1. Take naps:

As the night owls often face troubles with their sleep schedule, they must make sure to take power naps which are often more helpful to rejuvenate their freshness and activeness of the mind. It must be ensured that they add power naps to their schedule, and must adhere to it in between extreme study sessions. 

  1. Do regular exercise:

To study better, one must sleep better. But, for night owls it is often hard to get a good sleep. Hence, it is necessary for them to do regular exercise and also meditate so that they can ensure freshness of mind and keep their focus constantly all through the study session. 

  1. Keep distractions away:

Unlike early birds, the night owls often study with a restless mind and it is likely to get distracted more easily. Also, this would make the student lose track of time and he/she can end up wasting more hours without any progress. Hence, it is necessary to make sure to stay away from distractions. 

  1. Eat less during night time:

It is likely to fall asleep more easily with a full stomach, and eventually, it will affect the progress of night owls. Hence, they must make sure to eat less than being full so that they can focus more on their studies. Also, they can take some snacks while studying late at night to keep them energized in the process. 

  1. Have a fixed sleep schedule:

It is necessary to set the time at which the night owls are supposed to hit the bed, and must follow it regularly. With a specified sleep time, it would help them to complete their daily studies before the deadline. Also, a fixed sleep time will make sure that they get ample sleep and can wake up early enough to finish their other chores. 

Thus, there are many students who are likely to stay up late at night and get along with their studies. This is also because of the fact that many feel relaxed from the daytime chores during the ni8ght and can effectively focus on their study. Also, many feel that their mind is more free and relaxed to explore through more alternatives during night time. 

In conclusion, being an early bird or a night owl is all dependent on the lifestyle that one has, and the routine followed by them during the whole day. Also, studying late at night comes with its own obstacles and hurdles, which one can effectively overcome if he/she follows the above-mentioned strategies and are quite determined with their studies.  But the important point which should be ensured by every night owl is the amount of sleep they are getting and the diet they are following. Alteration in any one of them can result in deterioration of their health, and thus eventually would affect their studies and thereby their performance. As said, mathematics is a subject with a lot of formulas, derivations, graphs and other operations, it must be approached with a focused mind so as to achieve a proper understanding of its concepts. Thus, a night owl is more likely to be more distracted than an early bird, and he/she must take the necessary steps in order to carry on with their fixed daily goal for studying and must take good care of their health. 

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